3. THIS is the biggest cause of burnout among second generation women

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In this episode, I talk about something that is so common among the second generation women in my community… burnout. Learn about the early signs of burnout for you and the BIGGEST cause of it.

Warning signs for burnout

  • Do you know the warning signs for you before you reach burnout? It could be physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually.
  • This is so you can catch it and make changes before it escalates.
  • These signals are unique to everyone.

My warning signs

  • Physically- rushing around, heart constantly beating really fast, trying to get everything done from my to-do list, feeling bloated after meals, food not digesting properly or efficiently, aches and pains (mostly in my shoulder/neck, leading to tension headaches)
  • Mentally- negative self talk, imposter syndrome, lack of motivation, procrastinating
  • Emotionally- moodiness, frustrating and annoyed at little things that go ‘wrong’

Other warning signs for burnout

  • Getting sick more regularly
  • Not being able to concentrate, daydreaming
  • Change in appetite
  • Needing naps
  • Not wanting to do anything

Google’s causes of burnout

  • These are relevant to everyone, the GENERAL POPULATION, but for second generation immigrants, the causes go deeper than this.
  • They aren’t wrong but they’re just not the SINGLE thing that will make the biggest difference.
  • Prolonged feelings of stress & exhaustion- workload, deadlines, lack of control, lack of recognition
  • High expectations
  • Fear
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Lack of support

The BIGGEST cause of burnout among second gen women

People pleasing

  • It also comes under ‘high expectations’ and ‘fear’
    • High expectations- pushing yourself to do better, work harder, be smarter
    • Fear- you feel like you’re not good enough and are afraid of other people seeing that
  • This was why I pushed myself to work 60 hours a week and why I went from school, straight into uni, and straight into full time work without any breaks.

Where does People Pleasing come from?

  1. Childhood
  2. Parents goals for you
  3. Not being confident in yourself

Remember, you’re a human BEING, not a human DOING.

Chat to you in the next episode!
Van Anh

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