I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Van Anh (pronounced Van An). I’m a Second Generation Coach who helps women like you to let go of cultural pressures and stop overworking.

You’re probably here because you want to let go of cultural pressure and stop overworking, but you don’t know where to start…

Growing up, your parents always placed pressure on you to be a good daughter, a good student and a good employee. Now you’re constantly working after hours, have an endless to-do list and feel guilty and unproductive when you’re relaxing.

And you’ve tried everythinggg. You’ve set strict boundaries that haven’t worked, tried to reduce distractions, prioritised your work and stopped adding so much to your plate… but here you are again.

You’re in the right place, here’s why.

I’ve been in your shoes!

My immigrant parents worked really hard to restart their lives in Australia- learning a new language, getting a job and starting their new future.

They instilled their values and hopes in all 3 of their kids and taught us what they learnt about their new world. So growing up, I also valued working hard and making something of myself just like my parents had to.

At school and uni, I aimed for good grades and HDs (no Ps get degrees mentality!). At work, I burnt out muuultiple times wanting the best for my students. Trust me when I say, I tried allll the strategies – prioritising my to do list, saying no to complete my work on time, skipping lunch, removing distractions. And guess what?? I still couldn’t stop overworking.

The expectations that I set for myself went deeper than bandaid solutions and required a reset on my cultural identity and vision for my future.


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