Get connected, open your heart & mind, appreciate your cultural experiences and the lessons they’ve taught you.

Why I wanted to create events for 1st and 2nd generation women…

Im 2022 I wanted to meet new people so I decided to search online for some networking events or groups to join. I looked around and found a couple of events that I was interested in… and the photos showed mostly (or only!) ‘white’ people.

I was quite hesitant on joining these events… These were some worries that I had- they’re tall (giants compared to me haha), I wouldn’t relate to their experiences, they won’t take me seriously…

Instead, I was suuuper excited to create my own event that celebrates our different cultures and connects 2nd generation women through our shared experiences!

Join these events if you:

  • Put a lot of pressure on yourself – overworking, comparisonitis, feel guilty for what you do/don’t do
  • Want to meet & connect with new people who share similar experiences
  • Don’t want to feel intimidated being in the minority group
  • Love getting to know others on a deeper level (goodbye awkward small talk!)
  • Want to gain support and cheer others on

Past event

First Generation Freedom Event

This is my first virtual event! Join me for a live zoom call with other 1st and 2nd gen women, to own our cultural stories.

What to expect from the session:

  • Open sharing of our cultural experiences
  • Learn about where our cultural pressure comes from
  • Participate in releasing some pressure that you’re feeling

The event is overrr, but you can watch the recording!

Bringing Mindfulness into our Daily Lives

Join Whitney and I at our first collaboration event, focusing on mindfulness & being present.

What to expect from the workshop:

  • Make a flower crown fit for a queen
  • Catered lunch
  • Learn some mindfulness tips to implement daily


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