Free 3 Day Challenge

Get your time back!

Have more energy at the end of the day for your health & loved ones

Does this sound like you?

You have sooo many goals and responsibilities in your life. You expect yourself to be that great employee who gets acknowledged for all your efforts. Family is important to you, but you feel guilty for not spending as much quality time with them as you’d wish you could. You’re also so busy doing everything else in life that you’re always squeezing in exercise and not prioritising your health.

🛑 You’re always doing the bare minimum to just survive & get through the week

🙅‍♀️ You struggle to do it ALL – get work done, exercise and spend quality time with loved ones

❌ You’re exhausted and feel wiped out at the end of each day

Imagine if you could…

🕊 Finallyyy have time for your own health

🕊 Stop feeling ‘behind‘ and needing to constantly ‘catch up’

🕊 Find time within your hectic schedule for what’s most important – spending quality time with your family & friends, getting your work done, exercise

Free challenge details

🔥 Each session is about 30 minutes long!

Day 1

Learn the SECRET to juggling your career, health and family time! Identify the cultural pressure and expectations that keep you doing more & a few small tweaks to get it all done.

Day 2

Stop believing this myth that’s NOT WORKING & implement this 1 SIMPLE technique instead to work more productively in your own unique way.

Day 3

I know every day can be hectic and chaotic… but you can find AT LEAST 30 minutes of free time EACH DAY to spend on what’s most important to you!

Don’t you worry 👇

1️⃣ If you don’t have much time!

I know exactly how stretched you are for time… and that’s the exact reason why you need to join this challenge! Each video will be short, impactful, actionable and most importantly, QUICK (under 30mins!)

2️⃣ If you’re not sure if this challenge will help you!

You’ve got nothing to lose! If the above information sounds even remotely applicable to you, then you can still learn something and make a difference in your busyyy life. Being open-minded and committed to these 3 days will mean you’re successful already 💗

Here is what Zoe says about having bigger dreams but struggling to make a change… until you realise that YOU ARE CAPABLE.

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year” – Vern McLellan

Start your day/month/year with the motivation, knowledge and tips to maximise your time & energy! 👏


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