Slow Down Time Podcast

Connect with me and other second generation immigrants on the podcast! You’ll get to know me better, be inspired to live based on YOUR values and learn some tips to let go of cultural pressure.

Attention all 2nd generation immigrants!

Are you constantly wishing for more time to tick things off your to-do list? Playing ‘catch up’ on life? Or struggling to relax with all of your responsibilities? You might be feeling trapped in this world of constant BUSY-ness!

No fear, this podcast aims to educate and inspire you to go beyond your mundane routines to live life on your own terms. I’ll help you to rethink your identity and explore how cultural pressure shapes allll the decisions you make.

Let’s stop overworking, being ‘busy’ and living how we’re EXPECTED to live.

Episode list – Listen here! ⬇️

Guesting on other podcasts! 🌼

Ep 18: Finding Confidence in New Passions
Ep 35: Van Anh
S2E19: Do we REALLY know what we want in life?


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