Living with Intention – Private Coaching Program

Calling all second gen women under constant pressure!

It’s time to release the cultural pressure you experience, to stop overworking and make time for yourself!

This is a 12 week one-on-one coaching program where we:
✨ uncover how cultural pressure shows up in your life
✨ re-discover your identity and
✨ re-define YOUR version of success
so that you can begin living life on your own terms, working towards what’s truly important to you.

Does this cultural pressure sound familiar?

  • You feel pressure from your parents and society to be successful in everything you do! Get a university degree, find a stable job and earn some decent $$$, get married and start a family – everyone else seems to be doing fine, but you’re feeling so behind…
  • You’re constantly stressed and exhausted but you can’t stop because you’ve been taught that relaxing = lazy, unproductive and unsuccessful
  • You don’t know which career you’d really enjoy or what your hobbies are, because you’ve spent all your time following the expected path, taking care of others and all your responsibilities that you haven’t had time to think about yourself
  • Your to-do list is neverending. There’s always so much to do that when you complete a task, you just add 3 more, so you always feel terrible about yourself for not getting through it ALL

I see you and you’re definitely not alone!

Hiii I’m Van Anh and I’ve also lived in the shadows of my parents expectations.

A little about me… I grew up in Australia being the eldest child in a Vietnamese/ Chinese family. I speak Vietglish (mashup of Vietnamese and English haha), wear house slippers and have many aunties and uncles. My parents immigrated to Australia and worked hard doing manual labour jobs, all for our future. Because of this, I internalised their high expectations, pushing me into a spiral of hustling and burnout.

Living with Intention specifically has you in mind!

These 12 weeks will transform you from the inside out.

Helping you to release the weight of your cultural pressure, responsibilities and high expectations, so that you can stop feeling exhausted, stressed out and unfulfilled.

👀 You can keep hoping that life would just magically slow down one day, and that you’d suddenly have extra free time!

👀 You can DIY solutions based on random ideas from Google, test it out for a few weeks (or days!) and realise that they don’t work for your specific situation.

👀 You can continue believing that your tiredness and stress is only temporary, and that it would go away once XYZ is over.

Or you can save your time and save your energy, trusting in a tried-and-tested program that is completely personalised to you!

Hear Zoe out!

Imagine this…

  • being free from the pressures of what others deem as ‘successful’ (I’m talking about that job title, owning a home + investment property, going out all the time)
  • be clear on what you actually want & having the courage and confidence to go after the life you WANT, not the life you ‘should’ be following
  • confidently strutting your way out of work at the end of the day, knowing that you’ve done enough
  • not feeling the pain and tightness in your neck and shoulders anymore
  • finallyyy enjoying your time off however you want, WITHOUT feeling lazy, guilty or unproductive

What you’ll get…

  • personalised 12 week program for you, based on your onboarding questionnaire
  • 10 x coaching sessions
  • 10 x accompanying videos to prompt reflection
  • unlimited support and access to me in between sessions via text for the duration of the program
  • additional tailored resources to support you however you might need it (on time management, boundaries, building habits, building self-confidence + more!)
  • done for you session notes for you to look back on


Payment plans available.

If you’re ready to ditch the pressure that you place on yourself, apply for Living with Intention below!

Hear Joyce out!


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