How to Kindly Say No – Free guide

This gives you super simple tips that will allow you to say no and find time for what’s aligned with your values.

I used to be the ‘yes’ person.

Saying yes to any opportunity to gain career experience or knowledge, part-time jobs to make a bit of extra cash, catching up with friends… and I always said yes! (unless I already said yes to another thing)

The thing was… I LOVED doing allll of those things and actually wanted to do them all. It just burnt me out in the process, several times!

I worked 60+ hour weeks, had no time to myself & worst of all, I wasn’t physically and mentally able to keep up with all the things I enjoyed.

If you missed this, here’s my live training on “3 tips to help you kindly say no, WITHOUT feeling guilty” 👇

This could be YOU right now

  • not knowing WHEN to say no – you keep thinking it in your head, but then the moment passes & it gets awkward
  • worrying about judgements about you & struggling to say no, ESPECIALLY with loved ones – I get it! You don’t want to inconvenience them, let them down, look selfish, orrrr seem like you don’t care about them
  • not knowing WHAT to say – because maybe you don’t really have a ‘valid’ reason, or your friends/family keep pushing you to do what you don’t want to & you don’t know how to clearly & confidently say no (they always have a comeback!)

The truth is… you can say no clearly, effectively & most importantly… kindly!

So I have something free for you!

With this guide, you will:

  • clearly & confidently communicate your thoughts and feelings
  • release that pressure and guilt when saying ‘no’
  • deepen your relationships & have more respect for yourself and others
  • learn my 6 step process to effectively communicate your boundaries
  • receive additional tips & examples to help you apply it

Click on the button below to access it!


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